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CEO- Mark Lang

Mark Lang is CEO for Venue Safety Consulting. Mark has over twenty years of deploying at public venues as a member of a Tier 1 Full time SWAT team and has spent the past decade teaching public venue training for SWAT teams around the United States and Canada as a member of TacFlow Academy (www.tacflow.com). With over 700 federal, state, local law enforcement personnel trained Best Practices have been established and vetted by law enforcement professionals. Mark is a contributing author for the International Association of Venue Managers (iavm.org) Facility Manager publication and their online Encore publication. Recognized as a subject matter expert in law enforcement resource deployment at public venues and large scale events, he continues to work with the venue industry in innovative and creative ways to increase safety & security. Mark is uniquely positioned to see the strengths of both the venue industry and law enforcement and create a consensus for increased partnership between the two. Feel free to email Mark if you would like to receive a list of past training venues that have hosted public venue training by TacFlow Academy.


Captain Bobby R. Baker, Jr. (RET)

Captain Bobby Baker (RET) joined the Dallas Fire Department as a cadet of class 250 in May of 1998 and graduated as Fire and Rescue Officer and Paramedic and retired as the WMD/HAZMAT Coordinator after 20 plus years of service in September 2018 where he joined the Counter Terrorism Operations Support Group at the Nevada National Security Site, the primary contractors to Department of Energy and the National Nuclear Security Administration where he serves as a senior training specialist.

Capt. Baker is the President and principal owner of Emerging Threat Solutions, LLC in Dallas, Texas specializing in all hazards and CBRN threat hazard prevention and mitigation for critical infrastructure asset protection and is a highly recognized and sought after speaker in CBRNE and Asymmetrical threat matrix recently presenting at the European CBRNE Summit in Birmingham, UK in April 2019 and in Rome, Italy in April 2018.

Captain Baker is a certified Hazardous Materials Technician, Texas Commission on Fire Protection Master Firefighter, All hazards Incident Safety Officer certified through the National Fire Academy and the Texas Commission on Fire Protection and has a radioactive specialty under Chapter 18 of the NFPA 472 Competencies. Captain Baker is a Pro-Board certified NFPA 472 Incident Commander of Hazardous Materials Incidents.

Capt. Baker is a certified Private Investigator with the Texas Department of Public Safety where he has worked with the Trident Response Group since 2010. Captain Baker has deployed on numerous details implementing the JHAT/JHIT Team concept of operations in support of the United States Secret Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate Dallas office protecting large special events.

Captain Baker holds numerous critical infrastructure protection certifications from the Department of Homeland Security specializing in adopting counter measures to prevent and deter large scale CBRN mass casualty events. Captain Baker is a graduate of the FEMA Radiological Operations Support Specialist (ROSS) at Georgia Tech University in Atlanta, Georgia and currently serves on the Texas State Preventive Radiological Nuclear Detection advisory committee and has served on the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Health and Science Center at Dallas Biological Safety Advisory Committee.

Captain Baker is a 2003 graduate of Dallas Baptist University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and currently sits on the editorial advisory board for Domestic Preparedness Magazine.