We leverage decades of Law Enforcement, Fire Rescue Haz-Mat & Explosive Ordinance Disposal experience at public venues to assist you and your team to deliver a safe and secure experience for your guests.


Your public venue or assembly area is extremely important to you and your staff. We are here to assist with a comprehensive security plan that identifies strengths and weakenesses and improvements to enhance the overall security on event day.


Our subject matter experts excel in enabling you and your staff to maximize your manpower and to stay abreast of the latest security trends & methods that are utilized by Law Enforcement & Fire Rescue personnel that proactively deploy at venues.


Services Offered

Our team of Subject Matter Experts (SME) can provide your venue:

  • Site Assessment of your public venue or assembly area
  • Review of your current security plan and recommendations for a counter-terror plan
  • Best Practices Guide for SWAT Deployment at Public Venues & Large Scale Events
  • 1-Day Seminar-Public Venue Safety & Security: All Hazards Approach
  • Maximizing law enforcement resources at your venue


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SWAT Deployment at Public Venues & Large Scale Events

Published and Authored by Mark Lang

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